Bunnitech Staff Homepage

Thank you for being a part of the Bunnitech family! ♥

Please remember a few things:
Calendar refers to the calendar within the Tiki platform, and should be used for company events only. Your webmail interface provides an IMAP calendar which can be used from other applications as well. See the documentation in Roundcube Webmail for more information.
Categories are used to classify information into categories which have their own access permissions and potentially styling and other rules.
Wiki Pages should be informational or contain content intended for display and navigation as a linked document.
Articles are intended for release of self contained information such as product announcements or promotional event details.
Blogs can be used for informal updates and journal style related to personal or company projects.
File Galleries are where images, videos, downloads, and other media can be stored. By default, items stored here can be downloaded by the public but not listed or navigated. Placing a file here and providing a link to others will make it directly accessible.
Trackers are an advanced Tiki function which are required for many automation tasks to work. See the Tiki documentation.
Surveys can be implemented as a module which displays like the ones on the left, or can be embedded in a page.
Kanban services are provided by KanBoard. Your login and password are the same as your staff email credentials. the "@bunni.tech" portion is optional.